Great colleagues, lots of benefits and a diverse range of jobs.










Aside from a fantastic job, an engaged atmosphere and wonderful colleagues, there are lots more reasons to join the VUB family. Here are 5 of them, to start with.

1. The VUB is … different

Okay, that's probably what every university says. But with us, it's something you'll experience the moment you arrive on one of our campuses: a highly diverse, progressive community with a strong social engagement. Involved wherever possible, critical wherever necessary.

2. Extracontractual benefits

A sampling of the extras you'll receive in addition to your salary: 100% reimbursement of your commuting costs by public transport, a commuter cycling allowance, ecocheques, hospitalisation insurance, group insurance including guaranteed income insurance (depending on your staff category), inexpensive meals at the campus restaurant, …

3. Your health is a priority

In order to keep both mind and body in good condition, you'll receive affordable medical care, a fitness test when you start working with us, flu vaccination, highly reduced fees for sport activities, discount at the gym, access to the swimming pool on campus, and more.

Doctors, dentists and specialists? You'll find them in or around our VUB campuses. More info

4. Respect for your privacy

There’s plenty of work at the VUB. But we do our utmost to respect your work-life balance. Wherever possible, we will encourage working from home or flexible hours. As our full-time employee, you are entitled to 35 days of paid leave per year.

In addition, we also offer sport and project camps for the children of our employees (from ages 3 through 15) during the Easter and summer holidays.

5. Continuous development

Here at the VUB we highly value the continuous development of our staff; what else can you expect from a university? We always put our best foot forward to create all possible opportunities for career growth and for knowledge expansion. We urge everyone to consciously reflect on their career and to take the initiative in, for example, taking courses. Would you like to know the courses we currently have on offer? Take a look at the website of ‘VUB LRN’. You can find all planned training sessions and courses for both academic as non-academic staff here.



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