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Senior Researcher position (100%) - 50% AGR-ARA/ 50% VUB FED-tWIN mandate

Category:  Academic Staff & Researchers

1 - Company profile

For almost 50 years, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel has stood for freedom, equality and connectedness. These values are strongly present on our campuses, in our students as well as our staff. At the VUB, you’ll find a diverse collection of personalities: pure innovators, but especially people who are 100% their authentic selves. With about 3,500 employees, we are the largest Flemish-speaking employer in Brussels, an international city with which we are all too happy to be affiliated and around which our four campuses are located.


Our education and research are grounded in the principles of free research with an eye on human progress. We disapprove of every purely authoritative argument and guarantee the free formation of judgement that is necessary for this basic principle to be incorporated in the community.


The VUB is autonomous and managed democratically. As such, we guarantee fundamental freedoms within our university, as well as the right of the university community to be involved in making and checking university policy.


The mission of the university includes:

  • the development, the transfer and the application of high-standing academic education and scientific research, free from any prejudice;
  • community integration of this in a spirit of social compassion;
  • critical development of everyone in light of the responsibilities borne in the community.

2 - Job Description

Staff category Senior Academic Staff 
Specific designation The recruitment takes place in one of the grades for SAP.
Scope of mandate 0.5 FTE
Faculty Directie Onderzoeksbeleid


R&D centraal


Supporting educational activities in the field of practice of history in the extension of the research profile, in particular the Work College Early Modern Criminal history and the supervision of Bachelor and Master theses


  • The inventory of case files of the Council of Brabant
  • Digital access to the judgment registers of the Council of Brabant
  • Conducting groundbreaking research in social history based on sources around
  • Litigation of the Ancien Régime, in particular of the Council of Brabant
  • Strengthening and further expanding long-term research expertise and methodological innovation around the use of legal sources for socio-historical research within thVUB research group HOST, focusing on new methods in the context of digital humanities
  • Publishing leading scientific publications
  • Acquiring and managing research funds


  • Further stimulation of the cooperation between both FED-tWIN partners in line with the research assignment
  • Contribute to the wider familiarity and accessibility of legal sources and research insights to a more interested public


A detailed description of the proposed research assignment can be obtained via or  Candidates are explicitly reminded that, in relation to this detailed description, there is room for their own additions and adjustments, as long as the proposed completion of the assignment corresponds to the central elements listed above.

3 - Job profile

As a formal minimum requirement, the applicant must hold a doctorate in History, or any related disciplines relevant for the research profil (for example: History of Law), awarded on the basis of an original dissertation.


The doctorate may not have been defended more than 12 years ago (counting from the day of submitting the application). This period of 12 years is extended by one year for each absence due to pregnancy,

parental or adoption leave, as well as any long term absence due to illness of the candidate or any long term absence due to illness of a first-degree family member.

 degree or diploma. 

We offer a full-time senior research position for an initial period of 5 years, renewable for 2 years terms of 5 years after positive evaluation.


The appointment takes place in the form of two half-time contracts at the General State Archives and the State Archives in the Provinces and Vrije Universiteit Brussel respectively. At the ARA, the 50% appointment takes place at SW2 level (senior researcher) with a contract of indefinite duration.


At the VUB, the candidate is appointed as a 50% ZAP lecturer (bar scale 600) with a temporary appointment for a period of five years, renewable after positive evaluation.


Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.


Each first appointment is also dependent on the successful teaching of a trial lesson.


Ideally, the candidate has:

  • Demonstrable expertise in social-historical research concerning the early modern Netherlands
  • Proven experience with early modern legal sources
  • A strong academic CV and excellent publication record
  • A good knowledge of the access, material management and digitization of archives
  • A solid palaeographic knowledge
  • Successful experience in requesting, developing, implementing and coordinating research projects
  • Experience with digital humanities and digital access techniques like expertise in programming in Java or Python and XML/TEI
  • Educational experience is an asset
  • An excellent knowledge of Dutch and a good knowledge of French and English


Members of academic faculty with teaching duties are required to prove their command of the teaching language. E.g.: for teaching in English the candidate provides evidence of proficiency in English at C1 level by submitting a language certificate (or a waiver).


The following chart provides an overview of the language proficiency requirements:


Language of diploma of Academic faculty

Language in which teaching is to be conducted

Level Proficiency

certificate teaching language

Level Proficiency certificate Dutch as administrative language




No certificate required

No certificate required



Other than Dutch

C1 teaching language

No certificate required

Other than Dutch



C1 Dutch

No certificate required

Other than Dutch

Other than Dutch (= language of diploma)

No certificate required

A2 Dutch within 2 years

B2 Dutch within 5 years

Other than Dutch

Other than Dutch  (≠ language of diploma)

C1 teaching language

A2 Dutch within 2 years

B2 Dutch within 5 years




The candidate is expected to subscribe to the university’s vision of education. (The full text in relation to this is available on the university website.)


Every initial appointment is also dependent on the successful teaching of a trial lesson.


Members of the academic staff who, as title-holders, are charged with teaching assignments, must be able to demonstrate the required knowledge of the language of instruction for the relevant course units. Example: When a course unit is taught in English, the candidate is required to have the appropriate certificate. More information about the regulations concerning the language proficiency you can find via  

4 - Offer

As an employee of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, you’ll work, every day, in a dynamic, diverse and multilingual environment. Our campuses are located in the middle of a green oasis at the edge of the capital city of Flanders, Belgium and Europe. That city centre, with all its opportunities and possibilities, is easily accessed by public transport in less than half an hour.


Depending on your experience and your academic merits, you’ll receive a salary in one of the grades that have been set by the government. Standard inclusions include hospitalisation insurance and the free use of public transport for your home–work commute. And if you prefer to bike to work? There’s compensation for that too. On both campuses, there are extensive sport facilities available to you and childcare facilities within walking distance.


For more information on what it’s like to work at the VUB, go to

5 - Additional information

Planned starting date 01/10/2021
Length of contract 5 years (renewable)
Waiting period 08/02/2021
Contact person Anne Winter (VUB) of Sebastien Dubois (AGR-ARA)
Contact telephone /
Contact e-mail -


6 - Sollicitatie

Applications can only be made ONLINE


Your application must include the following as a minimum:

  • A concise CV;
  • The academic dossier with all relevant elements;
  • Vision of education and research and a list of your five most important publications;
  • A brief statement of reasons for the candidature, including an explanation of the expansion of future research;
  • Degrees and diplomas..


You can contact the person mentioned in the job description.